Love Joy

Teacher Love Joy

Hello! Welcome to Happy Land!

My name is Love Joy. You can call me Teacher Love. I graduated my Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree both majoring in English. I have been in the teaching industry since June 2017 and have been exposed to speaking English since grade school. It excites me to teach English because it is rewarding when my students can understand and communicate effectively in English. When it comes to my job, I am passionate about it and strive to outperform expectations.

Whenever I have time to explore life, I enjoy going to the beach since we have so many nice beaches here in Cebu. I also like to go hiking and camping with my friends whenever we can. But if I needed some alone time, I would binge watch movies, listen to podcasts, or read books.

I am looking forward to meet you and join me in my class here in Happy Land! See you!