Teacher Jena

Hello there! My name is Jena, but you can call me Teacher Jena. I live in the capital city of Philippines, Manila! I have been speaking this wonderful English language since I was in preschool.

My hobbies are to read books, watch movies and play Volleyball. I started teaching kids to adult from year 2018 up until now and I have grown my love in this career. I realized that sharing my knowledge with my students gives me an unexplainable happiness especially when I see them progress, because I am part of their progress too!

I have taught various courses from Beginner to Advanced. I am an easy going person and love the people I get to know with in class. I strongly believe that having a passion to teach is very important tool in teaching and of course to make sure that we are enjoying the class together!

Learning the language can help us widen our opportunities around the world and I am here to help you with that! Learning is fun, but it would be more fun to have you in my class and learn together! So, see you there!