Teacher Dairy

Hello, my name is Dairy. I have teaching experience as an ESL teacher and English tutor. I have worked with children, teens, and adults. I enjoyed teaching and having fun with them while they learned English as a second language.

I love listening to music and watching movies, like action and horror movies. I love singing so much, even if I am bad at it. In my free time, I read books online. I enjoy learning new vocabulary words, especially when I am reading.

I find the English language fun and exciting to learn. I started having an interest in English when I was in high school. It has pushed me to share my knowledge of the English language with other people, especially my students.

I learned that speaking the English language requires confidence. I want to help my students build their confidence in speaking the language.
I can be your teacher and your friend at the same time. Having fun while learning is my ultimate goal. So, come and enroll in my class. See you!